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My Safe Lead

Lord, you are my refuge, my safe harbor, my enclosed garden, my green pasture, you guide me by quiet waters, along paths of righteousness, you restore my soul, I dwell secure for you are my sukka, your grace abides in me and I in you. Through the valleys and mountaintops, to level plateaus, I will […]

Nothing Wasted

O Lord, here is the soil of my heart, defiled by the garbage of the world I’ve allowed in, where sin and negative emotions have piled up, pushed away, reviled, and dismissed. How amazing is your Spirit and presence, that enters into my filth, and begins aerating, turning over, exposing, breaking down, moving, and working. […]

Refiner’s Fire

Lord, I bless you for the safety and security of your presence, tight and cozy around the warmth of your love. Your warmth melts the ice of trauma encasing me, allowing my heart to come forth and rise. Emotions and feelings long buried and hidden away no longer cast long shadows of hopelessness and overwhelm, […]

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