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A New Creation

Lord, I praise you for your Spirit, your mysterious, holy presence, dwelling within the Holy of Holies in my heart. Your love is a fire, consuming the altar of my heart, I surrender my life to you today. You are the source of life, your power regenerating, restoring, rejuvenating from the inside out, and old […]

God’s Life And Call

Lord, I praise you for your sacrifice and death for me, I praise you for your glorified life for me, Resurrected, strong, vibrant, your precious Spirit, a gift, dwelling within me. You have given life to dry bones, restored my call and purpose, you bring me into alignment with your ways, a careful and beautiful […]

The Holy of Holies

Abba, I bless you, your Son, and your Spirit. Thank you that you’re always with me, dwelling within me, in my heart, the Holy of Holies, where the fire of your love burns brightly, consuming me, refining me, and bringing forth the true reflection of your image. I praise you for melting the iron walls […]

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