Sleep Secure in Him

Heavenly Father,

You are our light and our beautiful God. 

Your Son, our kind Shepherd,

  the way, the truth, and the life.

In You, we are cherished,

  intimately seen, known, and helped.

Your wisdom is peaceable, kind, and gentle.

Your Word and Your Spirit keep us secure,

  a light and lamp unto our feet.

Your Son is our safe Savior,

  a protective harbor in a treacherous world.

Forgive us when we stray from You –

  so quickly following our own path and desires,

  so easily tempted by quick, worldly fixes,

  so deceived by temporal promises and comforts.

Thank You for your discipline,

  for You discipline Your own who You love,

  back into Your shalom.

  You allow us to share in Your holiness –

    where our greatest delight lies.

Help us in our every step,

  keep us on the narrow road.

Humble our hearts,

  so that we cry out to You alone for our help.

Fix our eyes on Your Son,

  to dream of Your celestial reign.

When the day ends and night has our breath,

  keep us secure in the hope of Your eternal promises,

  wrap our souls in Your loving-kindness.

And let us sleep soundly, trusting in You.


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