The Prince of Peace


We praise you

You are the Prince of Peace

our shalom and grace

You are Lord over all the universe

over all the heavens and the earth

we wait upon you,

seeking your face

Your understanding and wisdom

knowing you bless and answer

we ask for your peace in the body of Messiah

for your spirit of unity

between race, color, generation, and culture

root and ground us in your love

all that Yeshua has done for us

that together we may grasp

how high, long, deep, and wide

Your love is

knit our hearts together

that we would be one mind,

one heart, one spirit in you

Lord, rise up in us

to bring healing, love, truth

offering hope, humble hands, faith

through words, prayers, and deeds

to establish your kingdom upon this earth

where the gates of hell will never prevail

release healing to wounded hearts

mercy and forgiveness for us all

use everything the enemy means for destruction

to fulfill your purposes and will

release a spirit of repentance

and call hearts to you

for those you’ve prepared to receive

we ask that your love would

break through the noise,

anger, confusion and pain

and drip your oil of healing and joy

unto salvation and eternal life

bless and heal the Body of Messiah

to be a light against the darkness

and reflect the beauty of your countenance

Your holiness, love, purity, and light

we bless your name,

Yeshua, Sar Shalom, Prince of Peace


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