Protect Your Heart

Photo by Sinitta Leunen on Unsplash.


Thank you for your Spirit,

that burns brightly within my soul,

your gift of life,

aflame within me for all eternity,

help me to cherish and protect your light within,

guarding my heart from the seductions of the world

that threaten to dampen and put out this light,

keep me from addictions and idolatry to things,

let me know and understand what my spirit, heart, and body truly need,

keep my eyes from comparing and coveting,

let me know deep contentment in your presence now,

keep me from pride and trusting in my own strength,

let me know surrender by your grace,

my heart expressed, emptied to you,

my life fully given up,

to receive the full infusion of your life,

to live the life you died for me to live,

in relationship with you.

My heart secure, safe, and trusting

my precious Savior, Deliverer,

and the lover of my soul.


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