Beautiful Salvation

Photo by Andrea Proietti on Unsplash.

Righteous Judge,

you look deep into the hearts of men,

and saw all have fallen short of your glory,

turning to our own ways,

becoming our own gods,

caged in sin, fear, deception, and trauma,

too prideful, deceived to turn to you,

loving our own will, even when it kills us,

Merciful God,

you alone are God

who died for us when we were your enemies,

becoming flesh like us,

becoming our sin, taking our judgement, dying our death,

so that we could truly live

now and in eternity.

You tore the veil in our hearts and eyes,

to see you clearly,

melting away our chains and bondage in your light,

redeemed and free, humbled and rejoicing,

as your children,

chosen and transformed to be your Son’s Bride.

I praise you God,

there’s none like you,

wonderful in your mercy,

beautiful in your goodness,

glorious in your joy and splendor,

breathtaking in your holiness,

abundant in neverending generosity, love, and grace,

thank you for you beautiful salvation.


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