So Kind

Photo by Alexis Reyna on Unsplash.

Son of Man, Son of God,

You are so gentle in your kindness,

you’re tender to my vulnerability,

my weakness draws your strength and grace.

My brokenness invites your compassion,

and my desolation your hope,

you cover my nakedness so I am safe and secure.

Your words bring healing, comfort, and life,

and wash away my regrets and pain,

changing me, transforming me,

granting me heavenly dignity and honor

I could never ask for.

Lord, your mercy and grace have won my heart,

you are good

with no depths, heights, lengths, and widths

to constrain your lovingkindness.

I adore you with the love you have shown me first,

and I bless your beautiful Name.


4 thoughts on “So Kind

    1. Thank you for reading and praying with, and for commenting. I am always encouraged by your words. I pray you’re touched and blessed by His grace and kindness today!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hesitate in making comments as I seem to have made several and don’t want to hijack your comments thread… but then I read a new post by you and am moved by it and feel compelled to compliment and encourage you. I am struck by the naked sincerity of your prayers, and your wrestling and submission to your Lord. They are a breath of fresh air in contrast to most of what you see posted!


      2. I am deeply encouraged by your words, thank you so much. What a blessing you are in these channels! Thank you, spirit to spirit! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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