Pride’s Death


you came as nothing —

humbly in fragile skin with an open heart,

and quietly suffered for my sins

and died for me.

My pride —

an impassive rock face,

moving forth, cold and bitter like a glacier,

taking all life down underneath its path,

you bore on your shoulder,

to carry as your cross to bear,

obedient to death where it crushed you.

A landscape of thorns and snares in the glacier’s wake,

sin begetting sin, pain begetting pain,

propelled by my fear, selfishness, and rebellion,

was the place from which your crown of thorns was made.

Placed on your head,

you knew and became my sin,

felt my trauma and pain,

in mercy and compassion your love bled freely

cleansing and healing the soil of my heart.

I stand at the foot of your execution stake,

not understanding why your mercy chose me,

but I’m so grateful and receive your gift.

I bless you for your mercy and kindness,

and I love you Lord.


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