Beautiful Redeemer

Photo by Stefan Stefancik on Unsplash.


I bless you for precious Spirit dwelling within,

choosing me as your earthen temple to dwell.

I praise you for your healing

from the inside out,

establishing your pleasant boundaries around me.

You are the Sun of Righteousness

arising with healing on your wings,

taking me up in your life, joy, and peace,

as I continually relinquish control into your loving, capable hands.

You who set the captives free,

release prisoners from the darkness,

bind up the brokenhearted,

comforting those who mourn,

you who establish your favor

over the sick, weak, and broken.

You place upon me a garment of praise,

a ring upon my finger,

and I go forth, my heart leaping for joy

in your salvation, healing, and deliverance.

I bless you Lord for choosing me,

and I will follow you

beautiful Redeemer

who makes all things new.


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