God Within

Photo by Ginger Jordan on Unsplash.


You are the Word,

present from the beginning of time,

spoken forth by the Father,

establishing order and matter,

infusing all creation with beauty

inspiring wonder and awe,

holding all things together

by your power and mystery.

I praise you for my breath,

the cells, sinews, and bones

you hold together,

that you have chosen,

to make your earthly dwelling place.

I’m amazed that you’re with me always,

the God of the universe within me,

walking, talking with me,

never hurried, never late,

always present, seeing, listening,

accepting, caring, loving,

so holy in your purity and grace.

I praise you for your Spirit

that lives forever within me,

carrying me forth

when I shed my life,

and move forth from this glory to the next.

Let my life, this snippet in time and history,

shine brightly for you Lord,

and bless your heart.

I praise you Lord, my Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.


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