The Altar Of My Heart

Photo by Anis Rahman on Unsplash.


I bless you for your Spirit that dwells in me,

for making me your holy temple,

I cherish your love that burns as fiery love on the altar of my heart,

marking me as beloved, set apart,

stoking a hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for more of you,

and less of this world,

casting out the darkness.

I praise you that when your Spirit entered my heart of stone

you began changing everything from underneath the ashes.

transforming cold, dead rock

into burning embers of light,

you hover over and tend the spark

that I could not see,

and melted my heart into living streams of fire and water,

changing me from the inside out.

I praise you that in spite of me,

your love burns hot and bright within,

and I love you that you loved me first,

and gave this beggar all of you, everything.

I bless you Lord,

God of the universe,

God of my heart,

you alone are beautiful and worthy of all praise.


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