God’s Call

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash.


I praise you that you would use

the very emptiness of my soul

driven wild to find identity, purpose, and meaning in life,

looking for quick fixes in the cotton candy of this world,

and succumbing to disappointment and desperation.

That you would meet me impoverished of spirit,

broken in soul and mind,

shining your love and light

penetrating through my crumbling fortress

the walls I’d placed guarding my emptiness —

the identity I hoarded, needing to fill, define, and fix.

And you came in when you finally enabled me to open my heart,

and I surrendered this most precious pain to you,

and in return… I receive new life,

your Spirit reminding my cells and DNA

who I was created to be all along —

my identity, call, and purpose

infused within from the inside out.

Now I joyfully answer your call,

enabled by the power of your Spirit within,

led and guided by the boundaries of your Word and peace,

a new creation.

Lord that you would use me,

to bring praise and glory to your Name!


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