The Voice Of Love

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash.


I praise you for your Spirit that dwells within me,

the Voice that speaks

in a cadence and tune different from the world,

loving, comforting, sustaining, strengthening from within,

always for me, not against me,

bringing nurture, revelation, wisdom, understanding, and insight

to the nuances of of my knit,

how I function, who you made and created me to be,

who I am and who I am not.

I praise you that your Voice and love

cleanse, heal, and inhabit now what was the void within,

filled by the voices and demands

of broken family, broken cultures,

broken institutions, systems, and religions,

the world’s clamor, frenzy, trauma, and chaos,

the deception of the father of lies who owns it all.

I’m no longer swept away, trampled, manipulated, and disappointed,

because your Voice, your Word, your Spirit are my anchor within.

So let me hear your Voice,

your quiet, powerful whisper,

that leads me through my day,

gives life to my heart,

and establishes pleasant, safe boundaries around me.

Make me perfectly aligned with your love

grant me your eyes, ears, and heart

that affirms, values, gives priceless worth to my being in Messiah.

And I will joyfully, creatively, worshipfully live

to honor, bless, and love you.

I love you Lord.


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