Grace Working

Photo by Thomas Despeyroux on Unsplash.


You are good.

You never stop working in my heart,

bringing mercy, healing, and wholeness,

then opening my eyes again to my blindness,

in your continuing work of restoration.

Forgive me for grumbling and complaining

when things don’t make sense,

and when I question you.

I praise you that your grace steadfastly

overruns, overtakes, and wins me anyway,

like vines and greens that grow wild and abundant.

Dislodge and remove the rocks in the soil of my heart

that hinders my growth in you.

Thank you that it’s your power and Spirit alone at work within me,

transforming and changing me.

You are the author and perfecter of my faith,

grant me the grace to submit to your Word and your Spirit,

to be in alignment with your movement in my life,

and your purposes for my day to day.

Let me trust in your goodness,

that all things you work for my good and for your glory.

And that in the end I am blessed

when my life is surrendered,

and all that I am, is all about you.

I love you Lord and my life is yours.

Have your way in me.


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