The Word In Us


Put a hunger, thirst, love, and delight

for your Word in me.

Let me mull over your words,

turning them over and over in my heart and mind,

until they are like smoothed, worn pebbles

comfortable and familiar,

lovingly held in my heart,

saturating my mind and body

towards kindness, righteousness, and blessing.

Guide my steps to connections,

interactions with others who are wise,

walking with companions who love your ways,

friends who obey your Spirit

and cherish your voice,

that you would use us as

as iron sharpens iron,

purifying our hearts

to be stronger and

shine brighter together

as your children.

Let your love abound in us,

in knowledge, depth of discernment, and insight,

knit together by your Spirit and grace,

of one heart, mind, and accord

that the world may see you in us,

and find their hope and salvation in you.

Lord, I praise you for you are the living Word,

I thank you for your Spirit and presence within me,

in each member of the family of Messiah,

may we bless your heart,

and rise up to your holy, beautiful call

to be your Bride,

worshiping you alone.

You alone are God and worthy of all our praise.


Psalm 23

Precious Lord,

I remember that you lead, guide, and protect me,

I have no lack.

I bless you for rest

in the soft green meadows,

hearing the trickling of streams,

and lapping of quiet waters,

you restore my soul

by showing me yourself,

teaching me your ways,

guiding me to paths of life,

all for your glory.

Even though darkness surrounds,

and the enemy prowls

waiting to shoot his flaming arrows,

I won’t be afraid because you’re close,

you’re always with me,

I’ll cling to you,

you show me the way out,

guide and counsel me,

protect and deliver me.

You favor me, honoring me

despite my enemy’s schemes and ways,

you put him to shame.

You anoint my head with oil,

gladness and joy sing from my heart,

my waking, breathing, walking, going,

all my days are blessed in your presence,

surrounded, comforted, lifted up by your goodness and mercy,

and I will praise your name forever.


Thank You Lord


I praise you,

there’s no one like you

in heaven or on earth.

Grant me words

for a heart that is astounded,

in awe of what you can do.

My spirit blesses you,

loves you,

sings to you.

I’m brought to my knees,

humbled by your mercy,

your redemption and healing.

Thank you for your light,

shining through my vulnerability,

drawing others close to you

through my weakness.

You don’t waste one thing,

you see every piece, every part,

Lord, it’s all yours.

I love you and bless you today.


His Beautiful Work


I love you and thank you with all that I am,

I’ll praise you even as idols and false gods demand

my attention and heart,

I worship you in spirit and in truth,

and thank you for kindness and goodness,

You have revealed yourself and your Word to me,

when I cry out to you, whisper to you in my heart,

You answer me.

Your presence, your Spirit, your word

refreshes, restores, and makes me strong and confident

to face life head on again.

Lord, all of your promises will be fulfilled,

and the world will bend their knees and heads will bow,

praising and thanking you for your faithfulness.

Your beauty and glory will be seen around the world,

and praise from all tongues, tribes, and nations

will waft up from this blue pebble to the your throne room in heaven.

Lord, you are great and awesome and mighty,

yet you would kneel down and welcome the broken,

insignificant, and lowly.

You stay distant from those elevated in their eyes.

Even though I walk through challenges and struggles,

you’re with me every step,

guiding me oases of your rest and peace,

your hand covers me

pushing back the hideous wrath of my enemies,

you always save and deliver me.

I praise you that you will have your way in me,

your lovingkindness, mercy, and grace are forever and more,

I bless the works of your beautiful hands.


Blessed Path


open the eyes of my heart,

awaken my listening to hear your voice,

teach me your ways,

and let me follow you

along the narrow paths

where you lead.

Show me how to live a life

that delights your heart,

learning the rhythms and patterns,

the wisdom you’ve infused in creation.

I thank you for the work of my hands,

bless my actions to express your goodness and love.

I thank you for Shabbat,

grant me grace to rest and refresh deeply in you.

I thank you for new moons

that bring forth fresh revelation and deliverance.

I thank you for your feasts,

reminding me of your story again and again,

your beautiful life, death, resurrection, and redemption.

Please take me higher up and deeper in,

let me align with heaven’s praise and thanksgiving to you,

be pleased to extend your scepter

so that I may draw even closer.

Many you have called, few you have chosen,

establish yourself in me, increase my trust and faith,

that I may be one found chosen in you,

please have your way in me.

I love you Lord,


Beautiful Deliverer


Beautiful Deliverer,

I see your light,

your Word

separates my bone and marrow,

soul and spirit,

the oppression and lies that have clung as truth,

suddenly separate from me

like oil and water,

by your gracious revelation,

I sense your presence

where I’ve been failing,

white knuckling on my own,

and faith refreshes me,

hope relieves me,

you bring me to rest.

Deliver me O Lord,

remove every obstacle

that hinders your love,

return my heart to first love,

fresh, bright, and pure

again and again,

always and always with you.

You are my Savior, my Deliverer,

I bless you Lord.


Beautiful Work


I praise you for beautiful work.

Let my hands be blessed

to do the work you’ve prepared for me.

Reinvigorate my spirit, soul, and body for labor

sharing my yoke and burdens with the Lord,

knowing His wisdom and counsel,

His pace and strength,

His joy and margins.

Let your light shine from within me,

my tongue cleansed of complaining and grumbling,

my heart pure, sincere, and generous,

my body and mind healthy and strong to serve.

Provide for me discernment and faith,

alert to the movement of your Spirit around me,

and grant divine appointments,

a word, an action, moments, and prayers

to be your hands and feet in this world.

Drench and deluge my heart with your desires and directives,

enable me by your power

to fulfill every good purpose of yours

and every action

stemming from absolute trust and confidence

in your power, wisdom, and goodness.

Bless me to be a blessing Lord,

so that your beauty and light will shine,

and your magnificent Name glorified in this world.


Stand Firm


please strengthen my heart,

prioritize my day,

let your guidance be clear,

and my path straight.

Bless the work of my hands,

establish peace in my spirit,

let my words and thoughts

please you and grace others.

Protect me from the evil one,

grant me focus and conviction

to stand firm and fight,

using prayers, trust, and hope,

so that I will not lose ground,

but stay true to your vision,

your call for my life.

Let me be aware of your presence,

your love and help,

the hands of your angelic ministers,

the fellowship of the body,

that I stand with an army of warriors,

serving the Lord of hosts,

whose victory is won.

I bless you Lord.