King Forever

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash.

Eternal King,

My heart is steadfast on you,

your glory my vision,

transforming me with each step,

your light breaking off chains,

shedding old skin,

emboldening faith to arise,

tremulous steps becoming strong and sure,

confident that going forth I’m victorious,

because of your Spirit within me that has overcome the world,

old ways, paths, addictions that attempt to tempt and deceive,

are exposed and scattered by your light.

You are my Way, my Truth, my Light,

and I shall not fear.

I worship you,

the glorious, everlasting King who reigns.


Love Is The Goal

Photo by Nils Rasmusson on Unsplash.


I praise you for new beginnings,

where love is the goal,

loving you by bringing all of me,

exposing every piece of me to your grace

and your unending waves of mercy and kindness

breaking over me…

enabling me to rise again and again,

to see by your Spirit through the eyes of my heart,

cleansed continually of sin, wounds, and lies,

now open to the beauty in others,

that you’ve placed as a treasure to seek.

I bless you as you call me forth,

realizing now I never had to be perfect to answer,

and I rise from a long, barren wilderness,

leaning on you, my Beloved,

forgetting what is behind,

and pressing on towards the goal of heavenly love,

sweet intimacy with you Lord.

I love you,


You Hear Me

Photo by Fausto Garcia on Unsplash.

O Coming King,

Thank you that even now your hear my cries,

I know when I pray, you hear my words.

Your Spirit searches the depths of my heart,

and you know me better than I know myself.

There’s none like you,

you’re sovereign, beautiful, and holy.

The light of the sun and moon, the vastness of the skies

are just a shadow of your glory.

I’ll bless you Lord, all the time.

your praise cleanses my mouth,

and I’ll boast now in you alone.

I sought you and you answered me,

you deliver me from all my fears.

I’m poor with nothing to give,

but your Spirit within me makes me radiant.

You saved me out of all my troubles,

and I can taste how good you are in the land of the living.

You’re real, your love has overcome the world,

starting with my sin and brokenness within,

and I realize there is nothing to fear,

but you alone, you who wash me clean.

I look to you and bless your name,

I praise your precious Name!


Spirit Of Life

Photo by Rainer Gelhot on Unsplash.


You model the feminine spirit for me.

Restraint and control,

a force to be reckoned with.

Soft, gentle, and meek

to break bars of iron.

Fierce empathy, compassion, and mercy

to cover the weak and protect the vulnerable.

Quick to follow, able to lead,

standing firm in paths of righteousness and truth.

Powerful, subtle, wild, true,

Spirit you are a mystery,

as soft as pure, silken waters

and baby’s breath,

as unknowable and terrifying as black ocean swells

and lightning storms, tornados brewing.

You’re woven into me now,

resurrecting this dead soul to life.

Awaken every part of me,

to your intimate revelation and knowing,

your gentle whispers of comfort and counsel,

and your words of life.

I love you Spirit.


Lord My Defender

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash.

O Lord,

You hear my voice when I cry out to you,

you are aware of the traps and attacks set by the enemy of my soul.

Even now you know its secret plans, counsels, and lies against me.

Lord, I come to you in vulnerability and trust,

knowing you are my Defender, my refuge and strength.

One arrow from you scatters all its efforts,

revealing your glory to all who see your power.

Your presence is a strong tower around me,

you will never let me fall.

And all who fear you will see and glory and honor in your Name.

You are King of all angelic hosts,

and I have heaven on my side,

I will not be afraid or dismayed,

but will and trust in your deliverance and victory.


Well Of Life

Photo by Sergio Thor Miernik on Unsplash.


You are the fountain of living water

that will never run dry;

an unending source of life and healing,

refreshing my depths,

revitalizing, comforting, and renewing.

My wells had been dry

as grief and despair consumed me,

and drove me to broken cisterns nearby,

quick, convenient, fleeting in their promises of relief.

But in my depths, you had mercy.

As I cried out from parched earth,

withered soul and broken body,

you had mercy.

Washing my hurts and wounds,

cleansing away unsavory lies and sin,

nurturing where I was weak,

encouraging my spirit,

emboldening brave,

you were always with me,

waiting for me to turn to you.

By your mercy, you’ve allowed me to come,

now a broken, contrite spirit after years of destructive striving,

with empty hands and nothing to offer but my praise and thanks.

I love your salvation and continuing, unending mercy and loving grace.

You are life.

I love you Lord, have your way in me.


With Him

Photo by Navin Kanti on Unsplash.


I thank you that when I surrendered to you,

you came in and made your home in the midst of my heart,

kindling a cozy fire within,

to draw close to you with all my thoughts and emotions,

making it alright, just to come and sit,

enjoy you, and be me.

I draw close to you,

in awe of the warmth of your silence,

the comfort of your strength,

the kindness of your presence.

You are safe.

You cover my weakness.

You restore my soul.

I come as I am,

broken, exhausted, and lost,

and I find you,

listening to me.

To my voice, my heart,

my starts and stops, my confusion.

Your questions arrest me,

make me think,

your Word changes me,

bringing light and restoration,

wholeness, life, and healing.

Surrendering to you,

I realize, has always meant empowering me,

to be wholly, fully, all that you created me to be.

Lord, I am yours,

and you are mine.

I love you.


Beautiful Spirit

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Ruach Hakodesh,

Holy Spirit of the living God,

you bring peace,

like folds of fine silk upon my skin.

You bring comfort,

releasing grace as a cozy fire within.

Your whispers and guidance,

reveal the King’s heart and thoughts,

grounding me, healing me,

directing me back to my Lord.

You settle so lightly upon me,

that I dare not breathe,

gentle as a dove,

exquisite and fair as the moon,

soft and bright as the sun.

Mysterious, beautiful,

tender as a zephyr,

more powerful than hurricane,

you live within me,

this fragile body,

choosing this broken, earthen vessel,

and making me holy.

Marking me, setting me apart.

I’m forever changed and I welcome your presence,

I love you Spirit.