Love Conquers All

Photo by Gleb Lukomets on Unsplash.

O Lord,

I forgive myself,

for you have forgive me.

You didn’t promise that life would be easy,

but that you would always be with me.

You were there

when I ran away,

helpless to change,

afraid to face

the suffering around me.

You were there

when I cried out

in the depths of my shame and guilt,

hopeless, powerless, so scared.

Your love carried me,

upheld me, comforted me,

your heart broke with me.

Your love covered all,

infused all, penetrated all.

Your love was always there.

Nothing can separate me from your love,

for you are God with,

in and through the dark and light,

who has overcome all sin and death.

And ultimately, forever,

your love conquers all.


God With You

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash.

I bless you O God,

King of the universe,

the one true judge,

in my grief,

when the way is dark,

I bless your name,

remembering that your glory shines

high above the heavens,

and that your light will break through

the heavy clouds overhead,

I bless you O God

for your presence with me,

sweet comfort alongside my mourning,

hope guiding through pain,

strength covering my weakness,

your love finding me in my darkest moments,

and transforming me through grace.

I bless your precious name,


I Trust You

Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash.


I trust you,

above the clamor and chaos of the earth,

you reign in power, peace, and love.

I lift my face to you,

sitting upon your throne with lightnings and thunderings,

angels and saints continuous in their praise.

I join their voices,

worshipping you,

seeking your beautiful face.

Forever and always you shall reign,

and this world and all I know will pass away,

but your love and mercy,

prayer and Word,

your Spirit and light,

you remain the same.

Beautiful Yeshua, I bless your Name.


I Bless You God

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Wonderful Father,

I praise you for your goodness, love, and life,

You rule and reign over all the heavens and the earth,

the sun, moon, and stars sing of your glory,

the beauty of deep waters, lush greens, and mountain tops,

furred, feathered, and scaled creatures,

every face and soul made in your image,

all reflect your artistry and splendid workmanship.

I praise you and thank you for my breath,

for breathing and knitting together my soul, body, and spirit.

I praise you and thank you for loved ones far and near,

their footsteps coming in and through my life,

carrying love, compassion, lessons, and wisdom.

I praise you and thank you for freedom and peace,

that I can worship you, fellowship and break bread with other believers,

to live in a country that allows the unique expression

of who you’ve made me to be in Messiah for your glory.

I praise you and thank you above all

for your Son, who came and died for all my sins\,.

who laid down His life for me,

Son of God, Son of Man,

and with His power took up His life from the dead

overcoming all sin, shame, and guilt,

destroying the fear of death with His resurrection,

Yeshua is my hero who loved me and saved me from the dead.

Thank you for your love, thank you for your Son,

thank you for never ending mercies and grace,

surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,

and I praise you for the sweet promise that I may dwell with you forever.


Come To Me

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Come to me,

lay down your defenses and walls,

surrender your pain and stories to me,

for I have loved you with an everlasting love,

redeemed you,

called you by name,

and given all that I have,

to make you my own,

you are mine,

and I am yours.

Open your heart

and trust me,

I am Truth and Life,

and I am rewriting your story,

to prosper you, not to harm you,

to give you a hope and a future.

I am waiting,

I love you,

surrender all to me.

Fig Leaves

O Lord,

The same story has played out,

since Adam and Eve,

of sin bringing shame, fear, and death.

Fear of you, fear of being truly seen and known,

hiding behind fig leaves of my making,

deceiving myself

with distractions and fantasies to numb sad realities.

But God…

so very rich in mercy,

you loved me with your great and wonderful love.

I was spiritually dead and empty,

isolated, separated from you because of my sins,

but you brought me to life

together with Yeshua.

You saved me by the riches of your grace,

favor and mercy I never deserved,

never to be cast away in judgement,

but to be so close to you,

seated in Yeshua, at your right hand.

I’ll always turn to you with all of me,

trusting in your amazing love and mercy.

Messiah and Lord,

my Savior and Friend,


The House That God Built

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash.

My house is a house of prayer,

I build it with strong walls,

boundaried and secure,

with clear limits and defined borders,

I know what belongs inside and out.

There’s no place for thieves here,

who steal, kill, and destroy,

worshipping money at all cost,

in love with the world and its systems.

I laugh at their schemes, and cast them out with my power.

I fill my house with the spirit of prayer and worship,

treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding,

more precious than gold and silver,

with revelation, beauty, and light.

Only life and truth may dwell here.

It is my joy to ready my house to live in,

it is my delight to restore you and dwell with you.

I’m the Master of your house, yield to my ways.

I love you.

Warm Your Heart

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash.

Lord of Shabbat,

You are the light of the world,

calling me out of darkness

into your marvelous presence.

In this night ending in beautiful day

I draw close,

entering into your sweet rest,

warming my heart against yours,

you are my flame of hope.

I lean in, trust in, depend on you,

letting go of my cares,

your warmth and life revive me.

I sit at your table,

surrounded, infilled by Abba and Son,

in the fellowship of your Spirit —

and my cup is full,

my joy is complete.

I bless you, Lord of Shabbat,