Delightful Rest

Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash.

Lord of Shabbat,

Thank you for this sweet gift,

the rest of entering into your presence,

enfolded in your grace,

enjoying the peace of the setting sun

and the coming light,

breaking bread,

whispers of grace,

prayers over twinkling lights,

gathering with loved ones,

delighting in your love

remembering your faithfulness,

eating your Word,

I bless your precious Name,


A Secret Garden

Photo by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash.


I am a garden enclosed,

your pleasant boundaries surround me,

I’m safe with your presence as a strong tower,

a fortress around me,

your Spirit, Word, and beauty bless me within,

fragrant with your grace, mercy, and life,

your angels encamp around me,

and I dwell in the shelter of your wings,

in the shadow of your presence,

seen, known, and beloved,

I bless and cherish you,


Seated On The Throne

Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash.

Yeshua Lord,

Seated on your throne,

at the right hand of the Father,

I worship you, praise you,

and bless your name today,

Keeping my eyes focused on you,

lifting them up from the chaos and turmoil around,

I look to you,

your brilliant glory and splendor,

shining, cutting through all the darkness and confusion,

your voice like many waters over the sea,

you move on behalf of your people,

you hear my voice,

you hear my cries,

you are Lord and I am yours,

and I will not fret or fear,

I worship you mighty God,

so close and always with me,

today by faith,

I see you and love you,

and remember all that you’ve done for me.


Your Voice Is Beautiful

Photo by Stefan Grage on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

Your voice is true,

full of sweetness, grace, and light,

stern and splendid,

never condemning,

healing and loving,

holy and bright,

bringing life and hope

with utter tenderness to broken despair and shame,

relentlessly pinpointing, cutting through lies and bondage,

resurrecting by your wonder-working power,

gray black ashes, death and dust,

into creations of beauty, dignity, and breath,

you are gentle,

you are kind,

never insistent, frustrated, or angry,

supreme, confident in your power, love, and sovereingty,

persistent in pursuing

with your deep wells of mercy and loving-kindness

restoring, transforming me

into who you created me to be all along.

Bless your Word and Spirit,

I love your voice God.


You Have Overcome

Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash.

Lord of Lords,

King of Kings,

Captain of all angelic armies,

all the heavenly hosts watch

as you defeat all evil,

destroy all darkness,

set prisoners and captives free.

You deliver from bondage,

one word from you dispels lies,

you’ve overcome the world!

Greater are you, dwelling within me,

than any evil in the world!

For no weapon forged against me shall prevail!

Your power stirs within my spirit,

that raised my Lord from the dead,

and seated Him high up in the heavenlies,

ruling and reigning in love, power, wisdom, and truth,

who can be against me?

when the one true God is for me!

Lead me, Lord of my soul,

through the battles

into the victories you’ve prepared,

Great is your power, love, might, and glory,

forever and ever!


Worship the Son

Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash.


You alone are God,

of eternity past, eternity future,

beyond all human limitations

outside your gift of time,

coming down into this speck,

this blue orb of planet Earth,

to save me from lies, darkness, and death,

to be with you,

Spirit of love, truth, and grace,

so why do the nations rage,

and people plot in vain against you,

weaving lies and darkness into bondage and death,

when you laugh upon your throne,

looking down on earth,

having already been decreed,

King of kings, Lord of lords,

you who will reign forever more,

Test the spirits, you say,

Know me,

Follow me,

and I say, Yes Lord,

with all my heart,

You alone are God.


Let Me See Your Face

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

Made by your hands,

Spirit unto spirit

you call me forth

like Lazarus from the grave,

your light shining from within

piercing through,

crumbling away

the mask I’ve worn

that I thought was my face

to the world

to hide and escape,

you break through from within,

giving courage, warmth, and grace

making it safe

to be human again

and to show my true face,

I bless you Lord.


You Have No Lack

Photo by Tara Evans on Unsplash.

I’m your Creator, Designer, Father

I lovingly, joyfully made you,

knit your spirit, soul, and body together

wove them intricately

into your unique design,

I don’t make mistakes,

there’s nothing you lack

you’re perfect

for the purpose I’ve created you for,

so trust me,

lean on me,

I know how to heal you,

I’ll show you the next step,

and I desire most of all,

just to be with you,

to love and enjoy you,

my precious, perfect child.

Your Dream Beckons

Photo by Zachary Brown on Unsplash.


You put your dream in front of me,

your Spirit calling unto my spirit,

enlivening my heart, will, and very cells,

to answer your voice,

your call,

forming, shaping, transforming me

as I press forward with joy unto your beckoning,

your Word sifting, changing me,

finding who you’ve made me to be,

shedding off old skin,

old coats that don’t fit,

I won’t hide in them any longer,

discovering you were always there,

ever present

within me.

Thank you, I love your Spirit, O God!