Love Conquers All

Photo by Gleb Lukomets on Unsplash.

O Lord,

I forgive myself,

for you have forgive me.

You didn’t promise that life would be easy,

but that you would always be with me.

You were there

when I ran away,

helpless to change,

afraid to face

the suffering around me.

You were there

when I cried out

in the depths of my shame and guilt,

hopeless, powerless, so scared.

Your love carried me,

upheld me, comforted me,

your heart broke with me.

Your love covered all,

infused all, penetrated all.

Your love was always there.

Nothing can separate me from your love,

for you are God with,

in and through the dark and light,

who has overcome all sin and death.

And ultimately, forever,

your love conquers all.


God With You

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash.

I bless you O God,

King of the universe,

the one true judge,

in my grief,

when the way is dark,

I bless your name,

remembering that your glory shines

high above the heavens,

and that your light will break through

the heavy clouds overhead,

I bless you O God

for your presence with me,

sweet comfort alongside my mourning,

hope guiding through pain,

strength covering my weakness,

your love finding me in my darkest moments,

and transforming me through grace.

I bless your precious name,


With You

Photo by Cindy Tang on Unsplash.

Bless you Lord,

for your love and power

your Spirit within me

that transforms me from the inside out,

and raises me like Lazarus from the dead,

shedding off old rags, identities that no longer define me,

breaking the hard, cold shell

hiding the insecure imposter that was me.

You slip behind my defenses,

your truth is gentle, full of kindness,

your grace empowering, full of hope,

and by your Spirit, your power works within me

that resurrected you from cold death,

to glorious life seated high in the throne room of heaven by the Father,

You mold me and make me,

to who I was meant to be,

with you.

For your pleasure and glory,


Bless You Friend

Photo by John Wiesenfeld on Unsplash.

Bless you sister and brother,

reading this prayer post,

and the beautiful reflection of the Creator that you are,

perfect in your form, shape, personality, strengths, and gifts,

beloved and lovely in your limitations, weakness, and failures.

You are made for a purpose,

Your life is needed,

You have a call,

Though you may have been tested for a time,

Yeshua knows you and loves you,

and has overcome all your sin, shame, pride, humiliation, and embarrassment,

He’s overcome all your demons and torment,

Greater is He within you, than he who’s in the world.

Your life is in His hands,

and He is the author and perfecter of your faith,

No weapon forged against you shall prevail,

and He is the lifter of your head.

You are free, you have overcome, and you are more than a conqueror

in Messiah, who died for you, was buried, and was resurrected

to the right hand of God seated up in heaven.

May there be no limits to your faith, hope, and joy,

May His peace abide in you and His love secure you,

to simply be you today, beloved by Him.


Whole In His Mercy

Heavenly Father

Glorious and holy on Your throne

We’ve all fallen short of Your glory

We’ve all sinned

Thank you for Your forgiveness

Your unending mercy

Your holy perfection

met by Your Son, Yeshua

dying to save the whole world

and me

Thank You for I can only receive it all

and by the faith You give, I do

Your love meeting my nakedness

my wound, my worth

I rejoice in the freedom that You give

from all my shame and guilt

the life You give in Messiah

that’s new, whole, and good

I’m a child of God

continually blessed by mercy and grace

Your love and glory are my purpose, my call

I bless Your precious Name


Shine Your Light

I love You Lord

Today is sweet

I taste Your goodness

Your peace reigns in me

I look to You

in the eye of the storm

opening my hands

surrendering all

trusting You are in control

abiding in Your shadow

sheltering in Your presence

The world is in Your hands

guide me today

in Your paths of peace

Guide my steps

to love, connect, be true

let me shine Your light

in my little corner of the world

for Your glory, honor and delight

I praise You and I thank You Lord


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My name is Caroline Kim and I’m a follower of Jesus and a writer. I also love green smoothies, dance, and a good book. I started writing these prayers when I was struggling to stay connected with Him during the day. Please join me and let’s seek God together. I’m very happy you’re here.