Thank You Lord

Photo by Isabella Kramer on Unsplash.


You are so good,

holding me secure,

you have my back,

my eternal safety net.

Your presence enlivens me,

reviving my heart,

you Spirit captivates,

soothing my soul,

comforting, enriching my heart.

How can I ever thank you,

for the belief you placed in

this stony heart,

to receive your love

that abounds throughout creation

and all the earth.

I’ll spend eternity praising you

for these eyes you open

to see your new mercies everyday.

There’s none like you God,

I put my trust in you alone,

for you alone satisfy.

I bless your name.


I Will Follow You

Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

You faithfully lead and guide,

along the path of life,

narrow and hemmed in,

I follow your footsteps,

bringing refreshment and resources

in your perfect timing and grace,

I rest in the green pastures you lead me to,

and drink from the streams of your living Word,

I cling to the hem of your garment

in the shadows and valleys,

knowing you will see me through,

and on the mountain peaks and wide plateaus,

I run, sing, dance, and fall on my knees

because your goodness and joy,

I can’t contain.

You are my Shepherd, I shall not want,

and I trust you and bless your Name today.


and worship you.

You Are Needed

Photo by Ali Irannezhad on Unsplash.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made,

knit together for a specific plan and purpose,

created to stand alone, individual,

before the King,

a delight to your Father’s heart,

made for interconnection, interdependence,

strengthening others with your gifts, strengths, and presence,

bringing out the best in others in your weaknesses and limitations,

You’re perfect as you,

You are precious,

You are needed,

You belong,

and You are dearly loved.

Unconditional Surrender

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

You call me your own,

Called me unto you,

to surrender all,

Help me, show me

the things I still cling to,

and give me grace to let go,

expose the fears,

that keep me from trusting you,

to believe your best is far greater

than all my wants,

take all my rebellion and selfishness,

to do things my way,

pour out your mercy,

draw me into unconditional surrender,

of every area of my life,

nothing withheld, no holding back,

that your lordship would rule over my life today,

and that I may enter into your kingdom,

and experience the sweetest delights

of your grace, power, and love

starting today… and into all eternity.

You alone are worthy,


Shine Your Light

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash.

Precious God,

I receive the ocean swells of your mercy,

drawing me into your grace,

to be washed and cleansed anew today,

by your sacrifice and blood,

renew me in spirit and mind,

let your blood course through my veins,

transform my very DNA into yours,

conform me to the image of your Son,

and let His light shine through my pores.

I surrender all to you,

empty handed to receive all you have for me today,

use me and shine your glory through me,

that the world may know your loving kindness and grace.


My Protection

Photo by David Vig on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

I ask your protection over my heart,

over my mind,

cleanse my eyes, my ears

with your blood,

that I may see all things rightly,

in love and in truth,

protect me from the evil one,

its deception and its ways,

expose where its voice has become all too familiar,

sounding like mine.

I choose to hear your voice alone today,

convicting, encouraging, loving,

I choose to fear you alone today,

not my circumstances, any person or problem in my way,

trusting you’re close to me,

you’re moving in the invisible realm,

and that you’re so faithful

to deliver me every single time.

I fix my gaze on you today,

Adonai Tzva’ot, Lord of my Refuge,


Still in His Presence

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Be still,

let my presence wash over you,

going before you,

watching behind you,

standing next to you,

upholding you,

strengthening you,

guiding you

with all my angels encamped around you.

Look to me,

and I will deliver you,

and keep you.

Fear not,

and be still,

watch me move,

because I love you

my beloved.

Forgiving Me

Photo by Oswaldo Martinez on Unsplash.


you see me,

you know me,

and you died for all of me,

my sins, failings, and weakness,

help me to forgive as you’ve forgiven me,

renouncing my judgement,

relinquishing my right,

to hold my offender to justice,

letting go, releasing all to you,

open-handed and palms down,

trusting your judgment, responsibility, capability,

to make all things right,

in your infinite care and kindness.

Today I forgive myself,

and release my shame and guilt,

open-handed and palms down

into your ready and willing hands,

realizing you’ve known me all along,

and never stopped loving me,

guiding me, strengthening me

to fulfill your blessed purposes

in and through this life.

I worship you wonderful Redeemer,

God who is good, loving, and Life!


To Know You

Photo by Jess LeClerc on Unsplash.

To know you,

the deepest treasure of my heart,

pursuing Truth

cleansing my soul in the process,

tender love, gentle wisdom, joyful light

embodied in beautiful you, Yeshua,

You’ve always been with me,

when I left on the wings of the morning,

settled on the farthest shores,

your hand guided me

your strength was always my support,

my darkness and my shame,

were as light to you,

because you are light,

to know you Lord,

understanding you’ve known me all along,

you were always there,

for me not against me,

and Lord, you’re always with me,

your hand of blessing and favor on me,

I trust you and I love you precious Lord.