Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash.


Thank you for meeting my deepest grief with your comfort,

fulfilling my loss and longing with your presence,

finding me when I was bewildered, confused and lost.

I praise you that wherever I am, wherever I go,

I’m yours and will always belong.

Thank you for delivering me from my fears,

my fear of man, being invisible, unseen, unknown, rejected.

I’m seen, known, understood, and loved,

with your Spirit within me transforming me into your poetry.

Deliver me out of the spirit of this age,

rebellion, witchcraft, self reliance, and doing things my way.

I’ve made a mess out of my life,

and I ask for grace to surrender all to you.

I repent to you of my perfectionism and performance,

abandoning control over my life, my relationships, and my heart,

asking you to come in and take over,

please rule and reign over all of me.

Cleanse me once more with the spirit of the fear of the Lord,

implant in me the desire, motivation, and hunger to seek after you,

to want you most,

to love, obey, cherish and guard your Word and Spirit within me and without.

Let me trust in you with all my heart,

moment by moment,

not in my own understanding,

acknowledging you in all my ways,

that you would make my path straight,

and guide me in the narrow way to find and know your life abundant.

I bless you Lord,

you are the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Lord Lead Me

Photo by Ars Buchatski on Unsplash.


You are my Shepherd,

I trust you to lead and guide my steps,

knowing what’s beyond my nearsightedness.

I choose to lean on and depend on you,

uncurling my grip and control,

based on my own understanding and insight.

I let go,

and ask you Lord,

please speak to your servant.

Let me hear your voice.

Make your way clear before me,

and my path clear and smooth,

remove the obstacles

so I can listen and obey.

Root me in your love,

assure me with your presence and peace,

and help me to be bold and courageous,

to follow you,

to walk right and upright all the days of my life,

but more just to know you,

that I may always be blessed.