With You

Photo by Cindy Tang on Unsplash.

Bless you Lord,

for your love and power

your Spirit within me

that transforms me from the inside out,

and raises me like Lazarus from the dead,

shedding off old rags, identities that no longer define me,

breaking the hard, cold shell

hiding the insecure imposter that was me.

You slip behind my defenses,

your truth is gentle, full of kindness,

your grace empowering, full of hope,

and by your Spirit, your power works within me

that resurrected you from cold death,

to glorious life seated high in the throne room of heaven by the Father,

You mold me and make me,

to who I was meant to be,

with you.

For your pleasure and glory,


My Protection

Photo by David Vig on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

I ask your protection over my heart,

over my mind,

cleanse my eyes, my ears

with your blood,

that I may see all things rightly,

in love and in truth,

protect me from the evil one,

its deception and its ways,

expose where its voice has become all too familiar,

sounding like mine.

I choose to hear your voice alone today,

convicting, encouraging, loving,

I choose to fear you alone today,

not my circumstances, any person or problem in my way,

trusting you’re close to me,

you’re moving in the invisible realm,

and that you’re so faithful

to deliver me every single time.

I fix my gaze on you today,

Adonai Tzva’ot, Lord of my Refuge,


Casting Your Cares

Photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash.

Precious God,

I never thought I could come to you,

expressing all of me,

I’ve stifled all the ugly,

the unbecoming, pain and rejected in me

thinking you’d turn me away.

I thought I should have known better,

after all this time,

but I still struggle to grasp all of Your love

that You love me,

depression, brokenness, failure, and grief,

I’m surprised You welcome me, a mess, with open arms,

but You do,

again and again,

and I realize, Yeshua, this is what You died for,

for me to come

and lay all of me in Your hands,

I can talk to You about it all,

knowing You will accept, understand, and comfort,

trusting You have the power to heal, transform, and change,

knowing You have intimate understanding of me

that I have yet to discover.

I cannot change myself,

but Yeshua, I trust that You can,

and I ask for grace to humble my heart,

to come to You

with all my cares, all that I am

again and again,

to know how much I need You

how much I depend on You,

for my breath, my life, my all.

Hold onto me and don’t let me go,

You have never failed me,

I love You God,

please make it so.



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.


I don’t fit

I’m all elbows, edges, and angles

that doesn’t align, doesn’t match

with any place in this world.

And that’s ok.

You called me out of this world

picked me up from the miry clay,

and set me apart to be yours,

a citizen of heaven

made for eternal love and glory

spirit moving against the material grain of a fallen world.

I’m not rejected,

I’m chosen and special in Messiah.

I’m not a misfit,

I’m intimately understood by my Father.

I’m not wrong,

I’m unique and made for purpose by your grace.

So grant me grace to continue this journey,

as a foreigner and sojourner in a strange land,

understanding that all things will pass on this side,

and You will be waiting for me with open arms

to know You, love You, and see You clearly for all eternity

in the next.

I praise You Lord.


My Sure Help

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash.


You are my strength, my calm, my anchor

my true guide, counselor, and teacher

your word is light, and your spirit is true

you never lead me astray

I trust you God, looking to you for all my help

knowing in certainty you’re always there

and you’ll never fail me.

I praise you loving and faithful God

you are so good to me

you alone are worthy of all my praise


He Knows You

Photo by Dlanor S on Unsplash


You know me

You know him

You know them

You know us

You love our unique threads

our color, light, beauty and humanity

You weave our hearts together

by your grace and love

the power of Your Spirit

knits us in one mind, one heart

to glorify your Son Yeshua

Prince of Peace

the once and future King

of heaven and earth

we wait for Him


You Are Unique

Photo by hemansu-tanty-IFDonIP0GR4 on Unsplash

Creator God

Your power holds my frame together

Your breath is my spirit

You see me

I’m perfect in your eyes

wondrously, poetically made

one unique expression of your endless love

Let the prism of my soul

shine and reflect your glory

to join all creation

in giving praise to you



Photo by echo-hhrADG91TAY on Unsplash

Be still and be loved


your circumstances are in My hands

you’re not stuck

I care more for your heart than where you are

and what you do

Rest in Me

I’m the fount of living waters

I’ll refresh, strengthen and nourish you

Wait for Me

I’m not slow to answer My promises for you

I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you

Abide in Me

know My protection, wisdom and care

My sheltering power and mighty wings

Trust Me

and right now

know I love you dearly

My beloved.

Be Free In Him

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Precious Lord

You are true, devoted and good

drawing me by grace

to let go and surrender

the idols and shame I cling to

that deceive my heart

to do works that leave me empty

but Your Truth

embodied in beautiful You,

Son of God, Son of man

Perfect in holy love

gently exposes, cleanses and heals me

unraveling anxiety and spinning wheels

bringing me to stillness in trust

so I come and rest

in Your acceptance, love and peace

Fill me once again

with Your delight over my soul

so that I can only respond

in grateful praise to You

You alone are worthy of all my life and worship