Ride Forth Victoriously

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash.

O Lord,

let my heart and eyes

rest and gaze upon you.

You are fairer than the sons of men,

rivers of grace and loving-kindness flow from your lips,

you are blessed forever.

You are mighty,

riding on your white horse,

sword girded at your side,

name emblazoned on your thigh,

you are the mightiest of kings,

captain of the heavenly armies.

Lord, ride forth victoriously,

on behalf of truth and righteousness,

of your glory and majesty.

Slay your enemies,

and establish your throne,

your scepter and right hand

over all the heavens and the earth,

forever and ever.

May my voice be one that joins the multitudes

who will worship and praise you for all eternity.

Bless you King of kings!


Your Call Never Changes

Photo by Kristine Tanne on Unsplash.


you call me forth,

and I come with tremulous step,

so aware that I bring no contribution of worth,

only my broken cup.

Your Word halts all judgement,

my whips of self flagellation fall to my side,

as you call me by name —

call me your own.

Your arms are open,

your wings of comfort surround me,

where detours in my path wounded my soul with sin and regrets,

I find, here with you now,

that you’ve never changed.

You’ve been waiting all along,

with open heart and undying hope.

Your call to me

to all of you,

has never changed.

In the rest of your welcoming sweet mercy,

and simple trust,

You remind me of the zeal of my youth, my first love,

flickering as a tender flame.

Lord, I remember and ask,

would you take all of me, have all of me again,

and light your fire as a bonfire within.

I surrender all to you,

ever piece,

please never let me go.

I know, you alone are worthy Lord.


Come With Me

Photo by Ingmar on Unsplash.


you call me forth from the lion’s lairs,

the leopard-haunted hills,

the haunts of my past,

the den of my regrets and failures.

“Come with me,”

and “Follow me,” you say,

even as accusations, judgement, and condemnation swell

around me, reminding me of my shame.

Like shackles of smoke they deceive and hold me helpless,

frozen in bondage.

Then Lord you make the way ⁠—

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you,

I have called you.

You are mine.”

My Beloved’s voice is lovely,

his face is sweet,

his eyes are pools of clear water,

his legs strong as cedars.

And my choice, my answer is yes Lord.

I forget what is behind,

and I press on toward the upward call of God

to know you, be with you, abide in you Lord,

trusting you guide me

to green pastures,

quiet waters,

orchards spilling forth your fruit,

gardens of your delight,

showing me the beauty of your heart,

your kingdom, and your perfect love.

I surrender to you Lord,

I am yours and you are mine,

and I’m blessed in my Beloved today.


Words Of Life

Photo by Chris Liu on Unsplash.

O Lord,

I love your Word

as I imbibe,

it courses through my veins,

bringing life and healing to every cell —

nurturing, replenishing, and restoring to original design.

You bring healing to all my flesh,

life to all my bones,

and you teach me to renew my mind,

praising, loving, stewarding what you have created.

You are the source of life,

only you can transform and resurrect.

I love your Spirit,

I love your Word,

I love your presence,

I am blessed and loved in Messiah!


Saving Grace

Photo by Michail Dementiev on Unsplash.

Merciful Lord,

how beautiful is your salvation,

how precious is your deliverance,

how humbling is your kindness,

you receive me back again and again,

your love drawing me deeper in

to your purposes and ways

like waves drawing back into the depths of the sea.

I stand bereft on the shore,

with tattered pieces from a broken path

leading me to an impasse of the ocean swells of your love.

Your love and holiness is gentle and good,

frightening and other,

pure and righteous,

you have poured out all,

and your love demands all.

O Lord,

that I may be found worthy in this life,

of your love that created me,

that gives and will take away my breath,

of your salvation and saving grace every single day,

of your call and purposes.

I surrender my life into the waves of your eternal love,

have your way in me.

You alone are worthy of all my life and praise.


You Make Me Yours

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.


I bless you for your mercy

that chose me in Messiah.

You plucked this rebellious heart out of the miry clay

and set my feet upon a solid rock.

Your salvation is once and eternal,

wondrous and powerful,

there is no way to freedom outside of your Son.

But even then I thought

to you I’ll come proving my worth and deeds

flexing my own strength,

puffed up and empty in my religious deeds,

Abba, you are long suffering and patient,

so kind to care —

to discipline and chastise those you love.

You pursue me,

break me and remake me,

taking me through the kiln,

I, an orphan, in mistaken identity,

with so much to prove.

You burn away my filthy rags and self righteous deeds

that fool no one but me.

I’m naked and bare

with nothing to bring

but a broken heart.

Your love and delight touch me now,

wretched me,

utterly wounded — lost, confused, and abandoned without you,

and I understand,

your salvation is my miracle every day,

once, today, ongoing, eternal,

just to be yours

an orphan no longer, but your child,

depending on you, leaning on you,

trusting you,

with nothing left to prove,

except that I’ve been redeemed, I’m celebrated, I’m seen.

Thank you,

you are such a good Abba,

salvation, deliverance, and all good things,

come from you alone,

and I bless you with all my heart.


My Safe Lead

Photo by Olga Filonenko on Unsplash.


you are my refuge,

my safe harbor,

my enclosed garden,

my green pasture,

you guide me by quiet waters,

along paths of righteousness,

you restore my soul,

I dwell secure for you are my sukka,

your grace abides in me and I in you.

Through the valleys and mountaintops,

to level plateaus,

I will journey with you my Lord,

and be bold and courageous,

because you are my faithful and good Shepherd,

you’re always with me,

you’ll never leave me nor forsake me.

I bless you Lord,


Nothing Wasted

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash.

O Lord,

here is the soil of my heart,

defiled by the garbage of the world I’ve allowed in,

where sin and negative emotions have piled up,

pushed away, reviled, and dismissed.

How amazing is your Spirit and presence,

that enters into my filth,

and begins aerating,

turning over, exposing,

breaking down, moving, and working.

How could I have known that your power

could turn this depraved heap into the richest of soil

with all the elements

where your mercy, grace, and tender love thrive.

How could I have known that the seeds you planted,

that I had thought were wasted, scattered, and buried,

were under your safekeeping and watchful eye.

How could I have know that they would take root

in and through the pain and heartache,

watered by your companionship, comfort, and care,

and that you would bring forth shoots of faith and hope ⁠—

new life.

Would you enter in and take all my heart,

I give it all to you.

Nothing is rejected nor wasted in your beautiful hands,

making beauty from ashes.

I praise you Lord,

for you work all things for your glory and my good!


Refiner’s Fire

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash.


I bless you for the safety and security of your presence,

tight and cozy around the warmth of your love.

Your warmth melts the ice of trauma encasing me,

allowing my heart to come forth and rise.

Emotions and feelings long buried and hidden away

no longer cast long shadows of hopelessness and overwhelm,

holding me in bondage and despair.

Now you invite them, acknowledge them, and say it’s ok,

setting me free in your knowing and love.

Locked away in my keeping,

they have only corroded me from the inside out,

Lord they won’t be my treasures and idols any longer,

I give them to you.

Take my heart as I step into the center of your love,

offering the sacrifice of my old broken self

surrendering all of me and my religion,

baptize with me with your fire,

and purify, transform, cleanse, and redeem me to gold —

the beauty and holiness of a spirit at rest,

full of joy and peace,

trusting, hoping in you.

I praise you for your grace and redemption.


Abba’s Love

Photo by Tommy Lucena Villar on Unsplash.


thank you that you’ve adopted me,

receiving me as one of your own.

You’ve welcomed me into your household of light,

put your robe over my shoulders,

your ring on my finger,

and prepared a celebration feast to honor me

when I came to you as an orphan.

To know you had prepared this place,

waiting with heart open, long suffering,

so patiently for me

as I wandered adrift, bitter, and lost.

I’m amazed you never gave up,

that your love has proved most powerful.

Abba you endure with steadfast love and patience,

you are kind and thoughtful,

you are not prideful or boastful,

you don’t take into account all the wrongs you’ve endured by me,

you rejoice when right and truth prevail in my life,

You bear all things, believe all things,

hope all things, and endure all things —

for me.

And you never change.

Your love is amazing Lord.