Sweet Surrender

Photo by Carl Schlabach on Unsplash.


I worship you

God of my surrender,

taking my sticky fears,

washing me with your blood,

granting me a new filter

of love

to see with renewed eyes,

a heart of flesh,

your heart beating in mine,

replacing my stony tablets,

my control

with Spirit and life.

You hear my cries,

untangle me from grasping sins

in a moment,

you hide me under your hand,

deliver me from within,

my shackles loosen without,

my enemies,

now a witness with me,

of your love and mercy,

transforming us both,

healing and making all things,

old things,

right, whole, good,

establishing your truth,

your love,

your light.

You make all things new.

I praise you for your deliverance

and I bless you

precious Lord,

Lord of my salvation.



Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash.


Thank you for meeting my deepest grief with your comfort,

fulfilling my loss and longing with your presence,

finding me when I was bewildered, confused and lost.

I praise you that wherever I am, wherever I go,

I’m yours and will always belong.

Thank you for delivering me from my fears,

my fear of man, being invisible, unseen, unknown, rejected.

I’m seen, known, understood, and loved,

with your Spirit within me transforming me into your poetry.

Deliver me out of the spirit of this age,

rebellion, witchcraft, self reliance, and doing things my way.

I’ve made a mess out of my life,

and I ask for grace to surrender all to you.

I repent to you of my perfectionism and performance,

abandoning control over my life, my relationships, and my heart,

asking you to come in and take over,

please rule and reign over all of me.

Cleanse me once more with the spirit of the fear of the Lord,

implant in me the desire, motivation, and hunger to seek after you,

to want you most,

to love, obey, cherish and guard your Word and Spirit within me and without.

Let me trust in you with all my heart,

moment by moment,

not in my own understanding,

acknowledging you in all my ways,

that you would make my path straight,

and guide me in the narrow way to find and know your life abundant.

I bless you Lord,

you are the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Enter Into Trust

Photo by Jamie Hagan on Unsplash.


grant me grace,

let me enter into trust,

this leaning in, depending, relying,

resting in you,

acknowledging and expressing my heart honestly to you,

knowing you lean down to hear my voice,

being ok that I don’t know,

but you do,

naming and releasing my fears and anxieties into your hands,

knowing you are my good Sheperd,

remembering you are gentle and humble in heart,

believing you desire my success, my good, my best,

to prosper and not to harm me,

to give me a hope and a future.

Increase my faith in your loving-kindness, your character, your love,

and let me be wholly surrendered,

to walk in your paths of righteousness,

to be aligned with your perfect priorities,

and trust you every step of the way.

Thank you Lord.


Glorious Surrender

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash.


I come to you wondering at the magical trade

of my broken self for your strength and eternal life.

I’m amazed as you repair my skin,

putting boundaries around my heart,

establishing identity, a sense of self,

worth and treasure in my new wine skin.

I marvel at your Spirit anointing my hands

with power — enabling, fostering, strengthening me,

to do the works you’ve prepared for me.

I’m surprised once again,

that your yoke is a perfect fit for me,

bringing peace, contentment, and fullfillment,

and your burden is light, joyous, and life giving.

I consider once again this surrender,

made glorious by you, Son of Man,

and I choose to believe

that my old self has been crucified in you,

and my body of sin, shame, fear, and guilt no longer live and preside,

but you Lord are within and reigning,

and the life I live in the body,

I live by faith in you, Son of God.

You love me and gave all of yourself for me.

I praise you for this marvelous trade.


Time To Live

Photo by Michael Krahn on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

You who have taken me through years of asking,

long seasons of seeking,

times of grief, despair, and mourning,

learning surrender, letting go,

you are the same Lord

who walks with me through it all,

now a year of answering,

a time of joy, play, and dancing,

welcoming my tremulous steps of faith

into these seasons and territories unknown,

of redeeming and renewing,

creativity, life, and being,

realizing you are the Source of it all,

speaking to me

through every shade, every color

that life’s landscape is,

molding me, making me, and freeing me

to be wholly, fully yours,

one spirit, one heart, one mind

with Love.


With Him

Photo by Navin Kanti on Unsplash.


I thank you that when I surrendered to you,

you came in and made your home in the midst of my heart,

kindling a cozy fire within,

to draw close to you with all my thoughts and emotions,

making it alright, just to come and sit,

enjoy you, and be me.

I draw close to you,

in awe of the warmth of your silence,

the comfort of your strength,

the kindness of your presence.

You are safe.

You cover my weakness.

You restore my soul.

I come as I am,

broken, exhausted, and lost,

and I find you,

listening to me.

To my voice, my heart,

my starts and stops, my confusion.

Your questions arrest me,

make me think,

your Word changes me,

bringing light and restoration,

wholeness, life, and healing.

Surrendering to you,

I realize, has always meant empowering me,

to be wholly, fully, all that you created me to be.

Lord, I am yours,

and you are mine.

I love you.


Come To Me

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Come to me,

lay down your defenses and walls,

surrender your pain and stories to me,

for I have loved you with an everlasting love,

redeemed you,

called you by name,

and given all that I have,

to make you my own,

you are mine,

and I am yours.

Open your heart

and trust me,

I am Truth and Life,

and I am rewriting your story,

to prosper you, not to harm you,

to give you a hope and a future.

I am waiting,

I love you,

surrender all to me.